Next Event: 14 April 2016, Pavilions of Harrogate, Yorkshire

The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) have helped to create a compelling business case for all types of organisations to now invest in renewable energy projects.

The Renewable Energy Exchange (REX) brokerage events facilitate meetings between those planning renewable projects and suppliers of renewable technologies and related services.

In just a single day, attendees can review available options and shortlist the best suppliers to work with. And suppliers to the market can take advantage of cost-effective opportunities to meet-up with potential customers. It's a simple concept that works really well, for both buyers and sellers.

The inaugural event was held in November 2010, with overwhelmingly positive feedback. As a result, this initiative has now been successfully rolled-out across the UK. Over fifty brokerage events have been staged to-date.

Farmers and other landowners are the core group of attendees, together with representatives from other organisations looking to invest in renewable projects and take advantage the FiT and the RHI. These include: schools, housing associations, local authorities, hotels and industrial companies.

A web-based pre-arranged meetings service, together with a programme of roundtable discussion groups, ensures all attendees can maximise the networking benefits and have appointments specifically with those who they can do business with.

For those interested in a commercial-scale renewable project, but who are unable to attend any of the REX events, we offer a free and independent REX renewables brokerage service.